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I believe Heterogeneous means the texture of the pancreas isn’t showing up as one constant, but rather a mixture of different shades in the scan. This is almost certainly a sign of pancreatic damage of some sort. An echotexture is a term used to describe the image
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S results showed right lobe was mildly enlarged with slightly heterogeneous echotexture.Left lobe was enlarged with heterogeneous echotexture, measuring 8.3×4.2×2.3 cm. multiple nodules present, the largest measuring 5.8×3.5×5.7 cm with cystic and solid components.
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Diffuse Thyroid Disease (DTD) and Thyroiditis
The echotexture is heterogeneous with confluent isoechoic nodules. Examining the individual nodular areas in transverse and sagittal views did not show distinct nodules. A discrete isoechoic nodule with peripheral vascular flow (grade 2) was detected in the left lobe by the use of CDI ( a , b ).
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Fine echotexture was noted.One 0.8cm hyperechoic lesion with PAS was noted at S5.是什麼樣的病要如何瞭解目前的狀況. 謝謝你 敬啟者您好 您的問題由本院 家庭醫學科 回覆如下, 這是腹部超音波的報告。第一句是說肝臟質地均勻不粗糙(正常就是這樣子
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Heterogeneous Myometrium – 9 Questions Answered
Presence of heterogeneous echotexture lesion of approx. Size of 10 x 7 mm is noted within the endometrial cavity. The lesion shows vascularity along the anterior uterine wall. Both ovaries are visualized. Both ovaries appear normal in shape, size and echotexture
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• Automated breast US screening for breast cancer in asymptomatic women aged 40-49 is effective with 5.2 per 1000 cancer detection yield. • Women with heterogeneous background echotexture had a higher recall rate and lower specificity. • Women with body

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 · PDF 檔案heterogeneous.8,11 Heterogeneous plaque is composed of a mixture of hypoechoic, isoechoic, and hyperechoic lesions; homogeneous plaques consist of only 1 of these 3 types of plaque. An isoechoic plaque was defined as having the echogenicity of a normal
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 · Heterogeneous Echotexture Source(s): 0 0 Anonymous 6 years ago This Site Might Help You. RE: What is heterogeneous pancreas,does it mean pancreatic cancer? I had an ultrasound of my upper abdomen, and result shows &quot No
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Heterogeneous echotexture liver 30. A 29-year-old female asked: what does Heterogeneous echotexture of the liver mean? my ulta sound also said for liver no mass and normal size 31. Heterogeneous catalysis typically involves solid phase catalysts and gas32.
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Heterogeneous endometrium – is the first signal that there are any deviations. Endometrium is the tissue that lines the surface of a woman’s uterus from the inside. She is well equipped with blood vessels and occupies a prominent place in the menstrual cycle.
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If heterogeneous, then it indicates the presence of the disease endometriosis and the need for proper treatment, after which it will be possible to plan future pregnancy. How to treat? Treatment is chosen individually, only after confirmation of the diagnosis.
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Heterogeneous or mottled testes in middle-aged or elderly men are often encountered on sonography. To determine the prevalence, cause, and significance of this finding, we examined 50 testes (25 pairs) from autopsy specimens with sonography and gross and microscopic pathology.
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Hepatic steatosis: A major trap in liver imaging
 · Heterogeneous steatosis does not always pose a difficult diagnostic problem. Diagnosis is easy when the condition presents as a linear field, with no mass effect, and with vascular integrity. This field appears homogeneous and hyperechoic with ultrasound, hypoattenuating with CT both before and after injection, with a signal drop on MRI opposed-phase T1-weighted images.
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 · Coarsened hepatic echotexture is a sonographic descriptor where there uniform smooth hepatic echotexture of the liver is lost. This can occur due to number of reasons which include: conditions that cause hepatic fibrosis 1. cirrhosis. hemochromatosis.
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 · Most thyroid nodules are benign, which means they aren’t cancerous. About 2 or 3 in 20 are malignant, or cancerous. Malignant nodules can spread to surrounding tissues and other parts of the