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I recently made a massive mistake leaving a job I was at for a long time, was successful in, has a bright future in, etc, for something that seemed better at the time. Well, I’ve learned it wasn’t and it’s been probably one of the biggest mistakes in my life.
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How I found my current job
I enjoyed my job at TrueAccord, but I wanted to move to a position where I would work on deep learning related tasks. The problem was that my repertoire of skills was not necessarily conducive for such a change: My major was Physics and not Computer I had
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 · My current boss is very difficult to work for. My current boss is an idiot. The company is not a good place to work. I’m not paid enough in my current job and this job pays so much more. One of my co-workers takes credit for all my good ideas. People who work
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or my current team, and they don’t have room to promote me right now, so that’s why I’m willing to leave my current job. ” Sample Answer #2: Maybe your job bores you to death. There’s no human interaction, and you just sit in front of a computer
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10 Good Reasons for Leaving A Job (On Application)

“I don’t like the job because my manager only gives me boring tasks to do.” 4. Personal Reasons Family and health always come first and are good reasons for leaving a job. But remember, you do not have to disclose your health problems or disabilities to your
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Should I List My Current Boss As A Reference?

I’m good at my job and I know they would not like to lose me. However, an opportunity has arisen that is in my home community and consistent with my career goals, and I would like to apply for it. I have other references that would work, but I am concerned that excluding my …
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In light of this I want to either switch careers or leverage another offer to find a better position at my current company. I am wary of how such job hunting may be received at my place of work
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Only have the conversation if you’re 100% ready to take your new external offer. Assume you’re going into the conversation with the mentality that you would take the offer should your manager not be willing to match. If you’re not fully ready to accept the new offer, you could be left in a worse off position than before as you risk hurting the relationship you have with your current company.
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Primary NOC is different from Current Job in Canada
 · My current job since 1 yr in Canada have different NOC, and I am also claiming points of valid job offer for this current job, as have extended contract. In my EE profile, should my primary NOC be of the job in Canada, or it can be of foreign experience?
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 · Question: I’m unhappy at my current company, and am starting to search for a new job. However, I don’t want my current employer to know I’m looking, because it’s likely I’ll …
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 · Job seekers often approach career experts for advice in panic mode: “I hate my boss, I need to get out immediately!”Or, “I got passed over for a promotion and I seriously need to
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Project Management Software – In my current job role we utilize Microsoft SharePoint.Web Page Creation – Facebook is a very commonly used platform, and also in my current job role, I assist with the editing of our Facebook Page.I have also created a LinkedIn profile already as well.
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 · Should i put my current occupation even if i’m filing for a job that i no longer do? or should i put my old occupation. Do i need to also file these two w-2 separately? You enter the W-2’s separately but on the SAME tax return.
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For this, I need to get a handle on my current job. – Frerich Raabe Mar 23 ’11 at 12:39 1 Your sub process will inherit the current job. You do not need to assign it. This happens automatically, you don’t have to do anything to achieve this. – Ben Mar 23 ’11 at 17
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My current company extended an offer, THEN they initiated a background check. During that time, they instructed me to not quit my current job. The one dicey part is they needed to do a reference check with my then current job. Fortunately the person who did